Class Contact Information

Below is a listing of contact information for Grove City High School alumni.

To have information posted about an upcoming class reunion, please call (614) 801-3300.

Class of 1951 Contact: Viola (Ranke) Davis, 2333 Holton Rd., Grove City

Class of 1953 Call or e-mail Dick Davis at 614-875-9588

Class of 1957 Contacts: Jean Sheets Mallett, 875-1647; Yvonne Culberson Shafer, 846-0517; or Jack Widner, 875-2052.

Class of 1958 Call Russel Cox at 875-4355, Winifred (Hyatt) Gabriel at 875-1824 or Linda (Mulvany) Potts at 875-2662 for information.

Class of 1960 (This site is not endorsed by SWCS.)

Class of 1962 Contact Ike Stage at 614-871-4538 or e-mail

Class of 1964 Contact Kay (Markham) Walker at, 614-440-1681

Class of 1965 Contact Barbara Parker at (614) 875-5007 or

Class of 1966 Contact: Dave Ray at,

Class of 1967 Contact: Bill Blackburn at (614) 871-0260

Class of 1968 Contact: Cheryl Grossman at (614) 875-7775 or

Class of 1970 Contact: Debbie Reeves at (614) 875-6613 or

Class of 1971 contact: Linda Wolfe at (614) 893-7113 or

Class of 1972 Contacts: Debbie Redman Camp 614-209-5452, Joe Marshall 614-832-4627, Janet Joseph 937-776-1906, Sue Ruoff Zeszotek 614-226-6982 Class email: Class Facebook Group:

Class of 1973 For information, contact Kathy (Dolby) Copas at 614-204-8309 or

Class of 1976 Contact: Gayle (McNabb) Sowers at (614) 539-4811 or

Class of 1977 Contact: Kim Riley Tyndall at 882-4582 or

Class of 1978 To help or to provide names/addresses of classmates, email

Class of 1979 Contact: Mary Mulvany at

Class of 1981 Contacts: Paula Brown Wagner, (614) 871-7305 or Todd LeBeau at

Class of 1982 Contact: Bill Bartram at 436-0592 or

Class of 1985 Contact Kim Boyer, (614) 871-1104 or Sherri (Quick) Kramer, 351-9787.

Class of 1986 Contact Doug Coffey at

Class of 1987 Contact: Amy (Adams) McComb at

Class of 1988

Class of 1989 Contact: Tawnya (Souders) Lewis at

Class of 1990 Contact: Chuck Badgley at

Class of 1992 Contact: Ben Hall at (817) 403-8344 or send an e-mail to

Class of 1993 Contact: Crisha (Hill) House or Amy Baker at

Class of 1994 Contact: Dané Culler at

Class of 1995 Contact: April (Johnson) Berger at, or Danielle (Moeller) Williams at (614) 778-8018.

Class of 1996 Contact: Cassie Carter (Guyton) at

Class of 1997 Contact: Amber (King) Adams at

Class of 1998 Contact: Sarah Bates Schmidt at

Class of 1999 Contact: Jill Tennant at or (865) 385-6288.

Class of 2000 Contact: Liz (Thomas) Grassel at or (614) 578-9963.

Class of 2002 Contact: Amanda (Ransburgh) Ford at or (614) 620-4204.

Class of 2003 For more information, please visit (This site is not endorsed by SWCS.)

Class of 2005 Contact: Bryan Mulvany - 614-795-0196, or Sam Clark - 614-915-8232,