Clubs and Activities

ACT Club

What is ACT Club?

Are there Dues?

Who do you see about ACT Club?

Mr. Bova

Meeting Times?

Art Club

What is Art Club?

The purpose of Art Club is to give people an opportunity to make art outside of a classroom setting. People can experiment, create and problem solve freely using many types of media in an environment which supports their exploration.

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about Art Club?

Ms. Moore

Meeting Times?

Art Club usually meets every Wednesday afternoon, right after school in GH5 from 3:30-4:30.

Astronomy Club

What is Astronomy Club?

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about Astronomy Club?

Mr. Bova or Ms. Posey

Meeting Times?

Every Wednesday at 3:29....Yes 3:29 to 4:30. :) in Room 604

Computer Programming Club

What is Computer Programming Club?

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about Computer Programming Club?

Mr. Freeman

Meeting Times?

We meet on Tuesdays after school. I normally collect pizza money and get pizzas for our club meetings.

Dawgs for Christ

What is Dawgs for Christ?

Dawgs For Christ is the same as Fellowship of Christian Athletes. A club that requires you to be involved in at least 3 community service opportunities. We eat breakfast together at 7:15 am and then listen to volunteers present a motivational message.

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about Dawgs for Christ?

Mrs. Conti

Meeting Times?

Thursday morning at 7:15 am in the auditorium.

Drama Club

What is Drama Club?

Are there Dues?

Who do you see about Drama Club?

Mrs. McConnell

Meeting Times?

Environmental Club

What is Environmental Club?

We are a club that is concerned about the current condition of the environment and are attempting to raise awareness about environmental issues by educating the students at GCHS. We are interested in researching current environmental issues and exploring methods to remediate damage that has occurred and lessen future negative impacts on the environment.

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about Environmental Club?

Mrs. Nicol

Meeting Times?

We meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of every month in 402 from 3:30-4:30pm.

French Club

What is French Club?

We explore the French language and Culture!

Are there Dues?

Yes, $10. They help pay for food and activities for each meeting.

Who do you see about French Club?

Meeting Times?

Once a month (day TBD monthly) 3:30-4:30

German Club and German Exchange

What is German Club?

We promote the German language and culture through fun activities, food, music, and games.

What is German Exchange?

The longest running German exchange in the USA, Grove City High School and Max-Planck Gymnasium have hosted visiting students for 35 years. Every year in the spring we host students from Heidenheim, Germany for 3 weeks, and over the summer, Grove City students travel to Germany to stay with their host families for 3 weeks. This great experience creates friendships that last a lifetime and memories that will never be forgotten.

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about German Club and German Exchange?

Mr. Bartholomew and Mr. Reeves

Meeting Times?

Officer meetings once a month. Regular meetings 1-2 times a month. We meet after school in room 902. Meeting day will change based on member extra-curricular activities.

History Day Club

What is History Day Club?

We prepare projects to present in a regional competition, with the possibility of qualifying for state and national competitions. In our first year, all of our groups qualified for state competition. One of our groups placed first in the state and qualified for the national competition.

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about History Day Club?

Mr. Yetter and Mr. Smith

Meeting Times?

Will be arranged. We begin meeting in November/December.

In the Know

What is In the Know?

The purpose of In the Know is to gain and demonstrate general knowledge trivia.

Are there Dues?


The dues are $10 and are used to pay for the league entrance fee/questions for the year.

Who do you see about In the Know?

Mrs. O'Hanlon

Meeting Times?

Wednesday, 3:30 in room 702

Key Club

What is Key Club?

We provide service learning to our school and community. We also build leadership and fellowship among our members.

Are there Dues?

Yes. It is $15 of which $9.50 goes to our parent organization Key Club International and the remaing $4.50 goes into our account to fund our program.

Who do you see about Key Club?

Ms. Thomas

Meeting Times?

We meet every Wednesday after school in the ERC.

Key Club Website

Mock Trial

What is mock trial?

Students will learn about the legal process and will use acting and public speaking skills. Students take on the roles of attorneys and witnesses and compete with other area high school teams. We are given a case to work with and have the expertise of a cooperating attorney. Competitions are in late January and February. Students will have to wear business attire while in court.

Are there dues?


Who is the advisor?

Mrs. Loar

When are the meetings?

Every Friday after school from the end of September through February. Meetings usually run from 3:30-4:30. Students are also encouraged to work in small groups on their own time.

National Honor Society (NHS)

Membership Requirements

Outstanding academic achievement allows you to be considered for induction into the National Honor Society. Selection for membership is a privilege granted to those who stand above their peers in scholarship, leadership, character and service to the school and community. NHS is considered to be an active club and each member must be involved in a personal community project as well as the club activities of a community and school service project, fundraising and monthly meetings. To be eligible for membership the candidate must be a member of the junior or senior class and have been in attendance at the school the equivalent of one semester.

Students wishing to be considered for membership into the Grove City High School National Honor Society will need to demonstrate outstanding performance in ALL four criteria of NHS – scholarship, leadership, service (school and community) and character.

Scholarship: based on academic average of 3.75 (weighted – no rounding) or higher.

Leadership: may include elected positions but also can include classroom, athletic, and community recognition as well.

Service: actions undertaken by the student which are done with or on behalf of others without any direct financial or material compensation. Consistent community service to an organization is preferred but a variety of experiences with a substantial time commitment would also be considered. Students need to show a connection to the school by being a fully functioning member in a variety (non-related) GCHS school activities over their high school careers. More emphasis is given to the year of application.

Character: use of a multifaceted definition of character known as the Six Pillars of Character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship will be reviewed through faculty/sponsor recommendation forms and no school discipline issues.

The selection of each member to the chapter shall be by a majority vote of the Faculty Council.


What is NJROTC?

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about NJROTC?

Commander Martin or Chief Christie

Meeting Times?

Drill Team: Daily Zero Period Rifle Team: Monday and Wednesday After School

Renaissance Club

What is Renaissance Club?

This club works to enhance the climate and morale at GCHS through student-led activities for the entire student body.

We are a student-led group that seeks to recognize and promote student achievement and create a better culture/climate within the school.

Are there dues?


Who are the advisers?

Mrs. Glass and Mrs. Wise

When are the meetings?

We will meet after school on the first and third Thursday of each month, beginning October 4.

ROX (Ruling Our eXperiences)

What is ROX (Ruling Our eXperiences)?

Are there dues?

Who is the advisor?

Mrs. Williams and Ms. Beebe

When are the meetings?

Ski Club

What is Ski Club?

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about Key Club?

Mr. Freeman

Meeting Times?

We travel to Mad River on Saturdays in January and the first Saturday in February. We have a trip planned to Seven Springs on the 2nd Saturday in February. Our big trip this year is to Keystone Colorado. We have our parent meeting on Thursday, October 11th.


What is the purpose of SLAM (Literary Magazine)?

SLAM (Student Literary Arts Magazine) We meet to improve our craft as writers and work to publish the school literary magazine in the fall. To produce a literary magazine annually that contains writings, art, and photography by GCHS students.



Who do you see?

Mrs. Parker

When are SLAM meetings?

Typically every other Thursday from 3:30-4:30 Consult Mrs. Parker or see the bulletin board in the ERC-D for updated information!

Spanish Club

What is Spanish Club ?

The purpose of Spanish club is to learn more about the Hispanic culture and to appreciate different communities, languages and cultural practices.

Are there student Dues?

Yes - $10

Who is the Adviser?

Ms. Harmeyer

Meeting Times?

Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA) Club

What is SAGA Club?

Welcome to Straight and Gay Alliance (SAGA). We are a student organization that is open to all LGBTQ+ identified individuals and allies. New members are welcome to attend at any point in the semester and offer feedback as to what types of LGBTQIA+ events they would like to see on campus!

Are there Dues?


Who do you see about SAGA Club?

Mrs. Huygen

Meeting Times?

Every other Thursday, 3:30-4:30 in room 707.

Student Council

What is Student Council?

Student Council is an educational instrument designed to provide actual learning experiences in leadership and opportunities for practice in the qualities of good citizenship necessary for the effective membership in a democratic society.

Are there dues?

Yes. $10

Who are the Advisers?

Ms. O'Hara and Mr. Crabtree

Meeting Times/ Day:

Student Council typically meets every other Wednesday during the school day.

Touch of Class

What is Touch of Class?

GCHS competitive show choir group.

Is there a fee?

Yes- See adviser

Who is the adviser?

Ms. Johnson

When does the group have meetings?

We have 8th period class daily and Monday rehearsals from 3:30 to 5:30pm


What is WGCH?

Are there Dues?

Who do you see about WGCH?

Mr. Watkins

Meeting Times?

Youth in Government

What is the purpose of Youth In Government?

Our purpose with the cooperation of the YMCA is to expose students of all ages to the workings of the Legislative, Executive and Judicial processes of the State of Ohio. Our research and Bill writing will culminate with a 3 day simulation at the State House in April. There are plenty of other opportunities for students to participate in around the state and nationally.

Are there student dues?

No- but students will need to raise funds for a conference in April.

Who do you see about Youth in Government?

Mr. McDowell and Mr. Howard

When does Youth In Government have meetings?

We are hoping to meet on Wednesdays after school from 3:30-4:15PM