Food Services

The vision of the South-Western City School District Food Service Department includes well-nourished students prepared for learning. the mission includes providing healthy meals in an environment where children achieve overall wellness and lifelong success. For more information, please visit our Food Services Website.

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Payment of School-Provided Meals

The South-Western City School District encourages students to take advantage of the nutritious and tasty breakfast and lunch programs offered in each of the schools.

Food Service accounts are set up for all South-Western students each year and a Personal Identification Number (PIN) is assigned. PIN numbers are generally distributed during schedule pick up nights or on the first day of school through homeroom, depending on the building. A student’s PIN remains the same until they change buildings. A new PIN is assigned at the elementary, intermediate, middle and high school levels.

Meals may also be purchased daily with cash or checks, which can be deposited directly into the student’s account. Please make every effort to include your child’s name and PIN on the checks to be deposited into their food service account. All checks should be made payable to your child’s school cafeteria.

Parents are encouraged to deposit money for meals into their child’s school account to ensure that their child has sufficient funds to cover purchased meals. Meal ‘charges’ are not permitted. Should a child not have money in their food service account or forgets lunch money, a nutritious alternative will be provided.