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Advanced Credit Options

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses
  • South-Western City Schools offers Advanced Placement courses in a variety of content areas. 
  • Advanced Placement courses are intended to give students college-preparatory experiences in a 
  • rigorous curriculum. Students enrolled in AP courses take the AP exam in May (the student pays for 
  • the cost of the exam.) Each college has its own policy regarding accepting AP course work for 
  • credit. Parents and students can check with colleges to understand how the course work is used for 
  • additional credit. The College Board also has this information on their web site 
  • ( Although colleges have different policies regarding accepting AP course 
  • work for credit, participating in AP courses and exams can strengthen a student’s college 
  • application. Students who do participate in AP course work in high school are more successful in 
  • college than students who do not, regardless of their performance on the AP exam.
  • AP Test Participation Requirement: Students who take AP courses are expected to take the corresponding AP exam. The student pays for the cost of the exam. Students who do not take the corresponding AP exam will not receive the weight for the course. They will receive a non-weighted credit in that course instead.

Grove City High School offers the following AP courses:

AP Calculus AB - Mrs. Lou
AP Chemistry - Mr. Alton
AP English III - Mrs. Parker 
AP English IV - Mrs. Ash
AP European History - Mrs. McIntire
AP Government - Mr. B. Smith 
AP Physics 1 - Mr. Eschbach
AP Physics 2 - Mr. Eschbach
AP Statistics - Mr. Bova
AP US History - Mr. Keller