Career Technical Department

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Classes to Prepare You for the Real World

Are you prepared for the real world? Look no further, the Career-Technical Department is revamping our course offerings to better meet the needs of our students and the new graduation requirements. Check out our course offerings below. If you have questions, please contact your student’s school counselor.

College and Career Readiness

Learn the skills to be successful in high school and beyond.

Business and Marketing Basics

Business is everywhere! Learn about the areas of business and how it will affect your life.

Personal Finance

Adulting 101: Learn how to manage your money.

Introduction to IT and Network Security

Gain knowledge of information technology and network security, including computing fundamentals and knowledge of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Programming Fundamentals

Computer programming is recognized as the language of the future. This course teaches the foundations of coding to students with no previous background.

Programming II

Students will develop apps using JavaScript and Python. This course will focus on problem solving and critical thinking skills through student-based exercises.


Ignite your entrepreneurial spirit by learning to build a business and prepare to pitch the idea to potential investors.

Professional and Technical Sales

Promotion and selling are learned while applying it to a school based business.

Business Law

Not just for lawyers! See how the law plays an important part in your everyday life. Learn through hands-on projects, debates, and mock trials.

BMGT 1008 & COLS 1101

Learn the basic skills needed to gain entry to and thrive in a changing workplace and about themselves through personal assessments that measure communication, listening, personality, and team building styles


Learn what it takes to be an engineer through hands-on projects, computer modeling, and problem-solving.

Engineering Design

Develop your design and problem solving skills while using computer modeling to build your solutions.