3rd Grade Reading Guarantee

Third Grade Reading Guarantee

What's required by Ohio Law?

Students entering the third grade in the 2013-14 school year will not be permitted to be promoted to fourth grade if they score below the state board's 'cut' score for third grade reading assessments/OAA.

The State Board of Education has established a 'cut' score of below 392 to identify students for third grade retention for the 2013-2014 school year.

Districts must assess each student's reading skills in kindergarten through third grade by September 30 of each school year, and identify those students reading 'not on track.'

Districts are required to use state-developed diagnostic assessments in English Language Arts for all kindergarten through third grade students.

Districts are required to notify the parents of students identified as having reading skills that are 'not on track' immediately following the completion of the assessments, AND develop an individual reading improvement and monitoring plan within 60 days of notification.

What does this mean in the South-Western City Schools during the 2013-14 school year?

Our teachers will assess all kindergarten through third grade students by September 30, 2013 using its reading diagnostic assessments to meet the requirement of Senate Bill 316. These diagnostic assessments are not new in the South-Western City Schools as our teachers have already been completing individualized student assessments during the staggered-start days at the beginning of each school year. The results of these assessments have been used to plan for teaching and intervention to meet each child's unique needs.

Our teachers will identify students 'not on track' in kindergarten through third grade.

Parents will be notified if their student has been assessed as 'not on track' in the form of a letter from the principal.

Building teams will create a plan for each student 'not on track' and monitor students' growth.

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