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Pre-Pay for Your Child's School Meals

The South-Western City School District has the ability to provide a safe and convenient way for parents to prepay for student meals online. PayPAMS allows parents the opportunity to pay for their child’s meals from the convenience of home 24/7; view their child’s account balance; schedule automatic payments based on account balance; receive low balance e-mail reminders; and view a report of daily spending and cafeteria purchases.

There is now a PayPAMS Mobile App available to parents for Android smart phones. (Soon there will also be an app available for iPhones.) This convenient app provides parents with options to make payments, views student's meal account balances, cafeteria purchases, and the last three payments on account. Parents can also personalize the app by adding student pictures. The PayPAMS app is free for parents.

To download the app: Search for "PayPAMS" on your Android smart phone's Google Play. Log in with the same user name and password as you do on